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The Furies, Aussie Horror Movie Review With Great Practical Effects

The Furies Poster

The Furies is an independent horror film release from Tony D’Aquino. A directorial debut for this filmmaker that sets up in a forest. I really like slasher movies. This movie brings lots of good stuff to the table even if it doesn’t get everything right. This is a movie with great practical special effects and lots of spectacular gore.

The Furies isn’t a perfect film, but not a lot of indie films are. Especially those with filmmakers starting out. Included here are some rather undernourished performances and some general flat spots here and there. However, what the film lacks in premium casting it makes up for with loads of great special effects. There is tonnes of spatter-filled fun encased in a twist on a well-used niche idea of a game of hide-and-seek with added slasher goodness. If that sounds like a good time passer to you, then The Furies will add a little highlight to your week.

The Furies is on Shudder in the USA. For Australians, selected theatres from November 7th, 2019. It was shown for FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST PART VIII 2019 where it won Best Australian Feature.

Movies with Great Practical Effects & Gore

As a lover of Ozploitation style movies (think Wolf Creek and Boar) the story begins with Kayla and Maddie, already on the wrong side of the tracks, life-wise. Being alone in the middle of the night in a tunnel sure can lead to trouble and that’s what Kayla finds when she wakes up.

For those wanting a heavy or deep and meaningful story, you won’t find that here. The premise is in its infancy but sometimes a slasher is a slasher is a slasher and who wants to have to think about everything right?

Beauties and Beasts

Included are the beauties (who woke up in the forest) and the beasts. Each beast looks like any horror movie slasher face in your top ten list. The plot’s depth comes in through the form of high tech features that are discovered part-way through. This idea was a nice addition albeit perhaps not entirely thought through. There are a few realism consistency issues and those with slight medical knowledge may give a whimper of discontent at some scenes later in the film.

Great scenic shots in The Furies, a movie with great effects to add to your watchlist
Great scenic shots in The Furies, a new slasher to add to your watchlist.

Airlie Dodds

Airlie Dodds as Kayla steals almost every scene throughout the 82-minute game of who can survive getting an ax through the head the best. Despite quite a few other females grabbing at screen time, there are few characters that have much substance. I was hoping Rose (Linda Ngo) would be more compelling, however, the deployment of her hapless role as the girl who needs help, came across like a slap to the face with a large piece of cheese. Again the practical special effects are top-notch. Luckily it also made her kind of creepy too which worked to her benefit in the end.

Special Exclusive Footage From the Furies

I was bestowed with some extra footage for the film and instead of the trailer, I’ll pop in the best segment I liked. For more extra footage, check out the Mother of Movies Facebook page and search the videos. If you want to learn more about the Furies movie 2019 on Wiki.

Movies with great practical special effects like the Furies, with well-done gore and a neat story.

Movies with Gore and Great Practical Special Effects

But overall, this has some great camerawork, beautiful scenery, your favorite clichés, and some interesting turns. I loved the idea, and if you know me, I like a tidy run-time. What more could you want for a horror night in? I enjoyed it and I’d watch it again and I’d recommend it to someone else.

I give The Furies

3.5 never make friends in the forest out of 5

3.5 Skulls out of 5
3.5 Skulls out of 5
Linda Ngo as Rose in The Furies 2019.

Movies with great effects and an out of the ordinary narrative. The Furies will show you something different to hide your eyes from.
Linda Ngo as Rose in The Furies 2019. Movies with gore and great effects.

Horror and action go hand in hand. Have you seen He Never Died and She Never Died? Two different movies from the same universe.