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She Never Died the Perfect Companion for He Never Died

She Never Died and He Never Died

Mother of Movies covered Blood in the Snow Festival with a remote press pass for the esteemed dark cinema six-day event in Toronto. She Never Died is the follow-up movie for the cult favorite hit He Never Died (2015) is just one of the great horror movies streaming on Netflix.

If you’ve never heard of either of these films, I encourage you one way or another to seek them both out. If you are a fan of universe building and connective stories with immortality then you’re sure to find as much enjoyment in both too. I think these films might be my newest obsession. Not because they’re perfect but just because they’re super cool. Both have been slapped with the horror-comedy label. While there are some great humorous moments in each film, they are not over the top schlock. There is plenty of violence, blood, and finger eating to be seen.

Henry Rollins plays Jack.
Jack is hungry, tormented and not made of this world.

Can I watch the Films Out of Order?

I watched She Never Died first. I can confirm that even though they share a common world, the two stories are based on two different sets of circumstances and people. You will, however, learn more about the origins, age and why’s during the first film.

I’ve made a special sealed section at the end to list commonalities between Lacey and Jack and where I think they came from.

Production For He Never Died VS She Never Died

The original film was written and directed by Jason Krawczyk, and She Never Died switches up the director seat and sends Audrey Cummings into the spotlight.

Both films are produced by Alternate Ending Studios. Distribution for She Never Died was with A71 Productions. For He Never Died; Vertical Entertainment picked it up. Netflix plus Hoopla are both enjoying the celebrity cult status of the original film.

Henry Rollins (He Never Died 2015)
Henry Rollins plays Jack.
Kate Greenhouse and Henry Rollins in He Never Died (2015)
Kate Greenhouse and Henry Rollins in He Never Died (2015) Currently streaming as a horror movies Netflix.

He Never Died

Starring Henry Rollins as the lead character, Jack. The story depicts him as a solitary fixture in society avoiding as much human contact as he can. In saying that, people that do end up in his orbit tend to appreciate his less is more attitude.

Firstly, the other characters within Jack’s universe are more or less, props. We meet his daughter Andrea who’s at the center of his mission in the second half. A woman, Kate who’s seen him almost every day in the diner he frequents and a paramedic who supplies him with blood so he doesn’t need to eat people. None of these people are detailed. Whether they live or die is really irrelevant but they all specifically serve the purpose of getting to know Jack. Of course, there are more than one or two villains, it was great to see Steven Ogg of The Walking Dead Fame appear as Alex.

The strange thing about this film is that there is entirely nothing all that special about it. Somehow though, Rollins’ manages to lift the character to heights that propel the narrative to a place of warm and cozy comfort. It’s kind of like watching a TV series crammed inside a feature-length movie.

There is a little downtime during its 99-minute runtime. There are times when the props seem to not be necessary and the story could simply travel along nicely with fewer people. Never the less, it takes all of the comic-book moral endurance of the stories many of us love and turns it into this B-grade ball of pliers in the forehead fun.

Watch it, and then watch She Never Died, you must.

I give He Never Died

3.75 vagina coupon books for alcohol out of 5

3.75 stars
3.75 stars, because 3.5 isn’t quite enough.

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She Never Died

This film begins with Lacey (Olunike Adeliyi.) Her living situation is one of a vagrant and on the streets and, she teams up with homeless Joe (Bill MacDonald.) An unlikely pair, one looking to camouflage into obscurity and the other knowing that having a person like Lacey around is an advantage.

In a clash of agendas, a cop is seen trying to figure out a connection between some local murders and a trafficking ring. Unbeknownst to him, Lacey is looking for her next meal. A criminal is always the type she goes for. Godfrey the aging police agent and Lacey inadvertently meets in the middle of trying to get to a sordid character, Terrance, known only by the number of rings he wears.

The first half of this film is decidedly more exciting than the masculine companion piece. There is much more on-screen violence and, more storyline to grab hold of. It comes off as a mixture of what I would expect would happen if the film Hostel (2005) brought in an immortal accidentally. Then, after that, the immortal decided to set things straight.

The criminals here have more going on, are a much larger operation and like to torture people in their spare time for audience numbers online. What Godfrey discovers is that Lacey could easily be the solution to all his problems. He is busy investigating why bodies are turning up among his suspects. Further still, he wants to know why they are missing their fingers. When he finds that Lacey is responsible for the syndicates diminishing numbers and also the fingers, he realizes they can actually help each other.

Throw a Suzzie In

Thrown into the mix is a Suzzie (Kianna Madira.) For all intents and purposes, she could very well be Eliza Dushku’s sister but isn’t. Her bubbly and aqueous nature is like squirting sunshine into an otherwise dark tunnel. You know you want it but you should also probably put sunglasses on. Whether or not she is a likable character will depend on your mood and tolerance for that type of thing.

I found She Never Died much more amusing in a ‘you shouldn’t be laughing at that’ way than He Never Died. It surprised me that a change of direction with Audrey Cummings somehow pumped something a little special into this. I enjoyed the visuals, the gore, the humor and the uncomfortable scene at the end. The score is perfectly appropriate all the way through. Sometimes I felt like there was something reminiscent of the Game of Thrones score playing in the background.

Films like this get me excited. They come out of nowhere and somehow leave you wanting ten more of them. I’ve no idea when a wide release is due, but I will update the article as soon as I know. If you are lucky enough to catch it at The Royal Cinema on 22nd November 2019 you must go along.

I give She Never Died

4 I’ll just come with you out of 5

image of 4 skulls out of 5
Spoiler Section


In the first movie, Jack has a conversation with Cara where she enquires about whether he’s a Vampire. Numerous references are made as to what type of monster he is. At the end of He Never Dies, he says his name is Cain. Cain and Abel are the first two sons of Adam and Eve. This makes the man with the Goatee, I think, God. God was the one who punished Cain for murdering his brother and banished him for life to forever wander and never be killed. In the story, Cain had a son, Enoch, but in the film, he has a daughter Audrey.


Lacey has also been cast out to wander the Earth as a punishment. I would like to assume that because Lucifer’s wife’s name is Lillith and Lacey says that’s her name in final scenes she is possibly being punished, perhaps for adultery. She talks about having had a child and we see that another fallen creature is pictured at the end of the movie.


  • They both eat oatmeal and hot tea in the diner
  • Both are vegan (except for the whole eating people thing.)
  • They each have nightmares that sound like people screaming whenever they go to sleep. They also hear the screaming when they’ve not killed anyone.
  • Both have a limited amount of time before they turn a little feral and are unable to contain their urges systematically. By eating people or drinking blood they are able to quench that urge for a while.
  • They both see a figure in a bowler’s hat.
  • They both have children.
  • They’ve both had their wings removed.