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Ready Or Not Rated R For Ridiculously Good

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How can a movie about a game of hide-and-seek be good? What made this movie, so similar to many others in its niche as a hunt and kill horror movie, work out better? 2019 horror movies like this need to be seen. It also can’t hurt that this is a movie with Samara Weaving, because… come on.

It doesn’t hurt that the writers and directors all have fantastic horror films under their belts. Ready or Not’s writers are Ryan Murphy and Guy Busik. Busik wrote episodes for Castle Rock and Murphy had a hand in Wrong Turn 2. Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett together previously spat out Southbound and V/H/S, two massive cult horror classics. Aside from that, what works here is the casting combined with just enough comedy to be fun as well as a super cool finale. All this makes this film one to see if you’re looking for a good time.

When Did Ready Or Not Come Out?

Fantasia International Film Festival premiered Ready or Not in July 2019 before a theatre release August 21st, 2019. The Blu-ray and DVD release was December 3, 2019. Check it out on Amazon to rent or buy below.

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What is the Movie Ready or Not About?

The film opens at the Le Domas mansion as children Daniel and Alex run. Daniel hides Alex inside a large clock before turning around to face a man dressed in a tuxedo. After some untimely violence on screen, the movie cuts to Alex and Grace thirty years later in the throws of tying the knot.

With the ceremony over, Alex explains a little about a family tradition in the form of a game. There is little information about what the game might be or how it is played. Once the newest edition to the Le Domas tribe is sworn in, it’s evident something about this particular game will be not quite the same as others.

The massive fortune of this family made easy to assume Ready or Not was going to be another film about the elite hunting whomever they choose for no apparent reason. Weapons are handed out. The word ‘tradition’ is bandied about alongside tales of their great grandfather Victor making a deal with Mr. Le Bail long ago. The story is simple but never fully reveals itself until a more auspicious time. It’s the pacing of this particular film that drives most of its strength. The main big-name cast is all evenly placed with only one or two being slightly annoying. I particularly liked Andy McDowell as Becky as I find her odd but well-spoken attitude to be a good contrast against more flamboyant characters.

A Movie with Samara Weaving is a Good Movie

Of course, Samara Weaving steals the show here. How can you not adore her? I’m not even saying that as a fellow Australian either. She’s not too screamy in the face of death and deals out composed shock in a cool but effective way. Seeing her emerge, again and again, each time more injured and disheveled shows her true talent as a fantastic final girl.

As I mentioned earlier, this film is not the same as others in a similar key. It takes all the tiny remnants of lots of familiar things and uses them all wisely. If you love a great ending, you must see this one. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the fun this manages to jam into its 95-minute Rated R run-time.

There is plenty to like and not a lot that will displease the hungry horror fan.

I give Ready or Not

4 it’s hard to find good help these days out of 5

Mother of Movies ratings system - 4 stars
4 out of 5 stars

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