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Women in Horror Film Festival 2020 Line Up Released

Women in Horror Mother of Movies Press Pass Poster

Mother of Movies loves film festivals. Women in Horror Film Festival are on for three days from the 27th to the 29th of February 2020. It marks the third round of films for its founder Vanessa Ionta Wright and will be a great way to finish off the national Women in Horror Month. 2020 will see the lineup showcased at the Strand Theatre at Marietta Square, Atlanta, GA.

Film Festival 2019 Atlanta, GA
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How Many Films for this Inclusion Diversity Horror Festival?

For the three day event, there are four films. Add to this, eighty-six short films including a bunch of official premieres and you’ve got yourself a special even you can’t miss.

There is a heavy-hitting guest jury list for the awards ceremony on the final day. Some of the names that jumped out were producer Marianne Maddalena of Scream and The Hills Have Eyes and director and Special Effects master Robert Green Hall.

Virtual Reality Company Ionic VR & Book Authors

The press release also mentions authors in attendance doing book signings for The Science of Women in Horror and True Crime. On top of that, a virtual reality company Ionic VR will be there showing attendees the latest and greatest VR experiences in gaming.

And don’t forget there’s a party at The Pub at the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel after the closing of each day of the festival.

First, let’s talk a little about the movies.

Black Lake
Black Lake from Bad Wolf Films

Black Lake

This film is having its world premiere at The Women in Horror Festival. Directed by K/XI aka K Pervaiz. The film follows Aarya as she heads to the city after being bestowed with a beautiful red scarf. With the tagline “what doesn’t kill you, makes you,” Black Lake promises a demonic South Asain Witch.

Cold Wind Blowing

Set just in time to reminisce about Christmas, Cold Wind Blowing is directed by Dionne Copland. A horror-film starring Larry Fessenden, Alexander Lowe, Griffin Cork and M.J Kehler about a group of friends. The pals head off to a cabin in the woods where they meet some supernatural evils. Check out the trailer below. How can you not love Fessenden?

Mother of Movies press relesase for Women in Horror Film Festival featuring Mass Hysteria
Mass Hysteria from First Name Films

Mass Hysteria

Directed by Arielle Cimino and Jeff Ryan. Salem, witch trials and a modern-day witch hunt are what you can expect from this one.

The story follows a group of reenactors who find themselves getting a more realistic experience.

Starring Charlie Pollock from The Goodwife and Michelle Veintimilla from Seven Seconds, don’t forget to make time for Mass Hysteria. It’s also got Billion’s and Boardwalk Empire’s Louis Cancelmi,…eek!

The Dark Red from Psychopia Pictures
The Dark Red from Psychopia Pictures

The Dark Red

Premiering for Georgia and directed by Dan Bush, The Dark Red is set against a psychiatric hospital. The woman placed inside this one claims her newborn baby was whisked away by a cult. I’ve even located a trailer for the film’s release and it’s looking pretty intense.

The Dark Red premiered at 2018’s Austin Film Festival and 2019’s Frightfest. I do have to point out that this film made the number one spot for the Top 30 Films of the Festival for Entertainment-Focus.com out of Frightfest’s lineup of movies. I’ll be back with a review of this one as soon as I can.

The Dark Red starring April Billingsley as Sybil Warren.

Obviously, with eighty-six titles for the short films, I’m not going to run through them all. There is a supernatural block and a Class of 2020 student short films to open the festival on Thursday, 27th.

On Friday 28th there are five blocks of short films in the themes of Global Terror, Thrill Me Kill Me, Renegade, Laugh Until You Die and Socially Conscious.

On Saturday 29th there are three blocks kicking off with Terror in Adolescence, Southern Discomfort and a straight-up Horror Block.

For more information on the fest and how to get involved, please visit us online at www.WIHFF.com or on Facebook & Twitter @WIHFF and Instagram @wihfilmfest.

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Horror on Sea plays around the same time as Women in Horror, Check out the line up for that too!

Here are Some Randomly Chosen Short

Washed Away

  • Heather Langenkamp is better known for her roles in A Nightmare on Elm Street. She is the director and writer of the short film Washed Away. Her directorial debut is about a ghost that washes ashore in Malibu. Washed Ashore is available to watch on Vimeo.

The Chills

  • Brooke Hebert is a senior who’s majoring in film. Her short film The Chills is about the typical girl home alone. It wouldn’t be typical if there wasn’t a serial killer on the loose. Check out the trailer for this one.
The Chills trailer from director Brooke Hebert.

For the full line up of programming and short film, jump on the website.