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Short Film by Carl Sundström ‘Finally Alone’ Scares in 1.25 Minutes

Finally Alone Short Film 2018

Carl Sundström is a Swedish director who’s been making short films since he was young. His latest short film runs for 1 minute and 25 seconds and still manages to get a good grip on both narrative and visuals.


After moving into a new place, a man gets the unsettling feeling that he is being watched.

Quick Film Info

Written and directed by Carl Sundström.

Starring: Erik Sundström.

What’s the Short Film About?

As the film is not yet released to the public, I can only tell you a little about it. The story sets up with a man talking on the telephone. He’s finally getting the last of his packing boxes movies into his new house. His conversation moves onto talking about how much he loves the new place.

Meanwhile, behind him, a light flickers on and off.

Despite the flicking light, he now feels much better.

Finally alone is reminiscent of the short film ‘Lights Out.’

The film takes a turn at creating a little tension as it is obvious, this new place is not so safe after all.

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Carl Sundström can be contacted through his Facebook Page where you can see more of his work.

You can also subscribe to his Youtube channel at Spying Moth Entertainment

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Finally Alone Short Film 2018. Best short films from great indie filmakers.
Best short films don’t come any better than this independent short film, Finally Alone.