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You Series 3 Announced Here’s a Recap of Why You Should Watch It

You TV Series 2018

If you haven’t heard of this TV series then let me help you out. It’s highly likely you were watching Bandersnatch and Bird Box and didn’t notice it when it first dropped. Also, I was scrolling through the ‘trending’ section and coincidentally noticed Penn Badgley’s face. I might have lingered a little too long. His face is nice in Season 1. Now season 2 has dropped and everyone’s talking about the fact perhaps his face has changed. For most this released the day after Christmas in 2018 and now You Season 2 is here released at Christmas in December 2019. Season 3 will resume in 2021.

What Are You Watching on Netflix?

I inhaled this series. The writing is probably at the caliber it is because this one’s based on a book from Caroline Kepnes. It’s available on Goodreads.com and Amazon and Kindle.

You Season 2 and You Season 3

This article is more about why you should start this fantastic series. Season 2 is just as great and if you are looking for a TV show to give Dexter a run for its money, this is the series to do it. Season 3 of You has been announced and the story will return in 2021 between September and December.

You TV Series . Which season was Badgley's face better in?
Starring Penn Badgley as Joe #youtvseries

Fly this remote control helicopter over your friend’s house and tell them you’re stalking them

Badgley’s Face in Season 1 is different in Season 2 of YOU

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You TV Series 2018. Badgley's face is dffierent in season 2. But what of season 3?
Elizabeth Lail and Penn Badgley originally from Lifetime.
Photo by Courtesy of Lifetime

You is another series that was renewed ahead of its series premiere in September 2018 and by the same producers that brought you Riverdale (2016.) Just when I thought I would never place Badgley’s face, the guy who plays Joe, anti-good-guy here in ‘You,’ it came to me. He was in Gossip Girl, co-incidentally stalking another blonde. If you haven’t seen G-Girl, I won’t spoil the outcome of that scenario.

Not Everyone Wants to be Followed

I’ve been looking for a series like Dexter but not Dexter since I watched Dexter. You, kicks off with some covert stalking, a love story and a serial killer vibe. Take an average Joe (his name is literally Joe) and make a creepy creeper likable. That’s the formula and even when he’s not being un-creepy, Joe is still likable.

Unlike Dexter, Joe may or may not be a serial killer perse. It’s hinted at early on that he very well might have it in him but you don’t get into the core of his true character until the series is well underway. Also unlike Dexter, Joe doesn’t conform to a guidance system but he does believe his agenda is of a moralistic nature. It’s obvious in season one, we’ve only just scraped the surface of what dear Joe is actually capable of. All we know for certain is, Joe is the quintessential nice with a skewed view on life. His overhead monologues in the form of a voiceover are just as creepy as what he’s actually doing on screen. He really has everything in the world skewed while doing a few good things along the way.

You TV Series 2018. Seasons 1,2 and 3.
Shay Mitchell and Elizabeth Lail #youbookseries #youcarolinekepnessequel

Where Can I Watch It?

You is streaming on Netflix and Lifetime but you can buy it on Amazon, iTunes, Fandango and, Vudu.

The cast is as good as any other show where you generally like 90% of the characters. I particularly enjoyed Blythe (played by Hari Nef) and Lynn (Played by Nicole Kang) and spent a lot of time wondering if Dr. Nicky was John Stamos.

The greatest thing about this so far is you’re still left guessing whether Joe is just a nice guy with a shady past and a lot of secrets. It’s hard to tell how far he’s actually gone and what his true agenda is. Whatever it is, I’m in and I’m keen for Season two.

4.5 skulls out of 5
4.5 skulls out of 5