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A ‘Happy Death Day 2U’ 2019

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Written by Christopher Landon, Scott Lobdell (characters,) comes Happy Death Day 2 U, the much anticipated follow up to the 2017 film, Happy Death Day. The direction also came from Landon who’s previous works are Paranormal Activity and Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015.)

Happy Death Day 2U Review
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Lobdell, who’s been very busy on social media in recent days, was also behind the original story for Happy Death Day (2017.) He even popped into my Instagram feed and approved my excitement towards seeing the newest films release finally arrive.

For some weird fan-girl reason, I was excited about this.

Post from instagram showing Scotty Lobel dropping by.
vanessasnonspoilers.com. Yes I should recharge my phone and yes it was that early.
Happy Death Day 2U (2019) Jessica Rothe & Israel Broussard movie still on vanessasnonspoilers.com
Jessica Rothe & Israel Broussard— Universal Pictures

Was It All And More?

I literally came back from seeing this not an hour ago. The hype for this film from me might be due to several things… getting out of the house being one of them. The second might be due to thinking about how cool it must be to be Scotty Lobdell and create characters and get to turn it into a really cool idea and story. I know he didn’t do it alone but still.

Opening scenes made me wish I’d watched the original movie Happy Death Day (2017) prior toseeing this. Though they do a flashback re-cap which covers it for anyone new to the game and seeing the sequel first, there are small details I want to rewatch.

Everything ties into the first film but differently, so firstly bravo for that. Not only must it have been a challenge to be creative in the same way but a hell of a job thinking of a new and exciting storyline. They did it successfully if you ask me and I am really happy.

I’ll beat around the bush here and not give any major plot points away. Instead, I want to concentrate on the cast, the cinematography and a few other really neat aspects that totally pulled this together.

How About That Cast?

Starting with the cast, everyone is great. Jessica Rothe is a great crazy white girl and even though the cast is totally populated to appease the general audience, I can deal with that. This is just the climate we live in now. Tree’s emotional angst made me consider shedding a tear when moments before I’d been giggling away. Sure she isn’t as edgy and cool as she was in the original film but I was invested enough to care.

Israel Broussard was again a great boy-next-door with Carter. He simply blends in with the group like he was meant to be there. Either the core bunch of teens got along really well during their mammoth time filming two feature-length movies together or they are actually friends in real life.

As far as cinematography goes… you know when you’re watching a disaster film and just waiting for the tornado to pick up the cow or waiting for the tidal wave to take out the city? Well, this has two awesome scenes in reaction to a blast that I absolutely loved. There were also some other really great cerebral slow-motion scenes that I found really amusing.

The sequel brings in the laughs and where many will be looking for that dark element of the original slasher fare, there may be some sighs of disappointment. Happy Death Day 2 U is not 100% perfect. In fact, let me start by saying there was less of the mystery of the original film and more of the cheese placed in laugh out loud moments. That doesn’ mean it wasn’t fun though.

Blatant Corn But I Survived

The end scenes were blatantly corny and came amidst music more befitting a fairy tale cartoon movie hero entrance. Introduced was the stupidity of a few of the more inane characters like Dean Roger. The Dean and those bloody tissues poking out of his nose. That whole thing with Danielle ‘distracting’ him was a scene I wish got cut. I really, really do.

But you know what? I think getting a film like this to retain the pacing speaks to the production team’s strength. In spite of the tiny complaints I had the movie was never boring.

The first film was definitely the stronger of the two for being bare-boned and un-convoluted. There is certainly nothing wrong with this installment, though. No loose ends and no questions hanging in the air. There’s also no question as to whether or not this will become a long drawn out franchise. I actually feel like I’ve watched one movie in two parts and now it’s really over. The writers can move onto their next big thing. Like now, please. (Read on for some extra details I dug up about Lobdell’s new series.)

I give Happy Death 2 U

3.75 suicide by wood chipper’s out of 5

3.75 stars
Suraj Sharma, Phi Vu, and Rachel Matthews movie still
Suraj Sharma, Phi Vu, and Rachel Matthews — Blumhouse Productions

Scott Lobdell, What Is He Up To?

Scott Lobdell is the guy behind things like Big Hero 6. I know it’s a kids cartoon but if you’ve not seen it, you’ll recognise his aptitude for creating compelling characters here.

In the works are two TV series. One is an unannounced script called Monster. I literally have no more information on that one other than it’s listed as a Horror. The other is called El Train with co-writer Jenna Mattison and has the following plot details revealed:
A subway derailment is more than it seems…and the devil is in the details. It does say 2019 as the start date though but that’s all I know.

Stay tuned because I’ll be keeping close tabs on that.

Happy Death Day 2 U 2019
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