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‘Long Lost’ Drives Up The Tension In This New Thriller

From Mainframe Pictures and Indie Rights, Long Lost is a great suspense thriller movies

Good suspense, thriller movies are hard to find. If you love character-driven films with outstanding performances, Long Lost will show you a little something about the term ‘less is more.’

Do you remember the last time you stumbled across a director and immediately wanted to watch everything they’ve ever done? Well, that happened to me today after I watched this movie. Erik Bloomquist not only directed it but wrote the story as well though, so kudos for that.

With a cast so scarce there is nowhere to hide, this movie brings a lot to the table. If you enjoyed Terrifier, then you’ll be pleased to know Catherine Corcoran (who played Dawn) stars as Abby in this film (sans being chopped up.) Adam Weppler shines as Seth and penned for the story along with Carson Bloomquist.

What is Long Lost About?

It tells the story of Seth who is invited to visit his brother Richard. They’ve been apart for some time. Seth’s first meeting with his brothers’ girlfriend Abby is as she is stepping out of the shower. Straight away it promises to be an interesting reunion.

Long Lost 2018
Long Lost 2018
#longlost2018 A suspense thriller movies from Erik Bloomquist

Well Dressed Men In Long Lost Review

If I’ve learned anything about watching films, it’s that if a well-dressed man calls you ‘brother’ in an odd but charming manner, be suspicious.

Add in the words ‘welcome home’ when you’ve been estranged for over 30 years and you’ve got yourself a suspense party. Sometimes specific words can be used just as effectively as music or atmosphere to create tension. In Long Lost, the dialogue also plays a lead role, and I’m a sucker for great scripting.

I suppose it helps when sinister words are uttered from someone kick-ass like Nicholas Tucci who plays Richard. He’s been in so many films I’ve seen, I feel like I know him. Let’s start by mentioning his hit movie, You’re Next (2011.) Overall though, the casting for Long Lost is like a well-oiled machine. Together with the on-point dialogue and character-driven storyline, this ticked all my boxes.

Chubby Bunny is a Great Game

Seth is the long lost brother who is contacted to make up for lost-time and invited for a visit. He is the perfect antidote to the—’you know something’s up’ vibe. Set on a sprawling mansion everything you see and hear feels like a red-herring, but is it?

There are plenty of innuendoes and double entendre here. I always felt like I was being baited into letting my guard down. There are also some laugh out loud scenes, my favorite being a game between the two brothers. It’s called “Chubby Bunny,” and its awesome and scary for no reason at all. This film played with my emotions. Somewhere between thinking it would take the road well-trodden or throw a curveball, I was never bored.

The idea of; “If it looks too good to be true it probably is,” was something I thought about often while watching this.

For the casual movie partaker, perhaps things won’t seem so ominous due to the setting and the banter. Some viewers may also be disappointed in where this ends up. For me, there was much too much well-executed film making to particularly care if its intentions were a little generic.

Suspense Thriller Movies Are Good and So Is Long Lost

While I was busy paying attention to Richard and wondering what his deal is, I must say, Seth simply stole the show for me. I adored not only the way his character was put together but his performance as well. He’s very convincing and likable. The depth to his backstory will leave you thinking about him long after the credits have rolled.

I was sent a bit of information prior to watching this film but all I saw were the words The Invitation vibe. I had high expectations prior to watching and that is often not a good thing. To come out the other side with a satisfied grin bodes well for being able to throw out the name of a cult classic like The Invitation and have it stand up.

Whether you have such a warm fuzzy response for Long Lost like I did, will depend on whether the end justifies the means for you. I have no qualms about movies not being entirely original. This one is the perfect blend of all the stuff I love with some nods to self-aware films before it. The film is available on Amazon Prime, streaming now.

I give Long Lost

4 chubby bunnies out of 5

4 stars out of 5
4 stars out of 5
Long Lost movie still from the review on vanessasnonspoilers.com
Nicholas Tucci as Richard dines with Catherine Corcoran as Abby and Adam Weppler as Seth.
Suspense thriller movies. Abby and Richard play Flashlight Tag in Long Lost 2018
Abby and Richard play Flashlight Tag. A great example of suspense thriller movies