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The Prodigy Movie (The Descendant.) Possession With a Twist

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The Prodigy movie is creepy. Also; I like films where the kid is also creepy and will watch just about anything with a strange or murderous kid featured in it. The film stars Jackson Robert Scott and he is fantastic in this.

‘The Prodigy’ movie is available On Demand, Blu-ray, and DVD from May 7th, 2019. There’s even a soundtrack, with the most accessible place to hear it being Spotify, for free.

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The Prodigy movie. Distributed by United Artists Releasing. Directed by Nicholas McCarthy.
Produced by Orion Pictures in association with XYZ Films. Distributed by United Artists Releasing. Directed by Nicholas McCarthy. The Prodigy movie

Jeff Buhler

Do you know who I really like? Jeff Buhler. He wrote The Prodigy, and if you didn’t know, he also did the screenplay for Pet Sematary, 2019. I first began following his work after The Midnight Meat Train. Buhler’s first movie was called Insanitarium and he wrote, directed and even starred in it.

The Prodigy stars Taylor Schilling (from OITNB), Peter Mooney (Camelot), Colm Feore (Thor), Brittany Allen (What Keeps You Alive), and Paul Fauteux (No Stranger Than Love.)

Jackson Robert Scott as Miles. One creepy kid...check. Who plays the boy in the Prodigy?
The Prodigy movie stars Jackson Robert Scott as Miles. One creepy kid…check

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Who plays the boy in the Prodigy?

I’ve not forgotten the star of the film who is the creepy kid part of this movie.

His name is Jackson Robert Scott and he deserves a special mention so you’ll remember his name the next time you see or hear it. Stellar performance within this role as Miles. I very much doubt a part like this would be an easy one and whether it was a trick of special effects or simply just a convincing portrayal of two personalities, sometimes his face looked like two completely different people.

Jackson’s previous roles have all been kinda cool too. A stint on Fear the Walking Dead, an episode of Criminal Minds and of course, the 2017 smash hit blockbuster It as Georgie.

I’ve listed a bunch of films with great performances from children at the end of the article.

The Movie

The Prodigy won’t blow everyone away. Seasoned horror film buffs will pick parts of this apart and throw it in the trash. Even though I’m usually finicky about smaller narrative details within films; the great performances, hard spin on a tired possession theme and amazing visuals forced me to overlook them.

The weakest points of this for me were to do with the reactions of some of the characters. They have that ‘suspend your belief’ vibe attached to them. Responses to some actions from the antagonist were on the money in some circumstances. However, in others, I heard a small groan escape my lips. I mean, he might be small but the things he gets up to warrant a tiny bit more proactive based problem solving if you know what I mean.

These moments might go too far for some, but everything else was a slow and steady build-up of tension and foreseeable dread. I don’t mean foreseeable in a negative way either because in this case, it’s inevitable that some of the events within the narrative are going to happen. The way this is put together though didn’t detract from their ability to be nervewracking.

I liked the way his mother Sarah and father John were subdued as characters. Both play extremely reactive people who are plodding along blindly against their own histories. It’s not too hard to see that John’s vague mention of an abusive father would make him immediately run for the hills when things get tough, but he does come back when things look to be out of control.

Taylor Schilling and Jackson Robert Scott

Horror Tropes

Horror tropes, where would we be without them? Just because you didn’t fly out of your seat in response to a predefined ‘jump scare’ doesn’t mean the set up wasn’t ominous in context. In fact, I’d go as far as saying they weren’t meant to make you jump. It was clear Miles went into the basement, it’s shown when he removes the lightbulb. The course of events is also mapped out. Not to give the surprise element but to highlight Miles’ escalation of evil.

The viewer knows he’s possessed and by who. No one else in the film knows. For me, the external cast discovering what Miles is all about was where my attention was focused. In fact, what was great is that even Miles takes a back seat as the Edward Scarka story is allowed to develop. It’s in this part of the story that the narrative within The Prodigy gets to be different from stories that have similar elements.

I can’t help but like this film as a whole and would love to see another film to follow it. I’m going to predict it will be a stand-alone film, however. The final quarter was fantastic and I definitely didn’t figure out all the twists and turns.

3.5 solid endings out of 5

Three and a half skulls out of five rating picture. Copyright Vanessa Stewart
Three and a half skulls out of five
Jackson Robert Scott in The Prodigy (2019)
Jackson Robert Scott

Movies With Creepy Kids

That’s just a few…. feel free to add the ones that are your favorites in comments.

Jackson Robert Scott in The Prodigy poster
Courtesy of XYZ Films and Orion Pictures