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Polaroid, Drops on Netflix .. Finally

Netflix and Dimension Films Polaroid Poster

We’ve been waiting a long time for the Polaroid movie. It had a limited release in Germany in January of 2019. But was completed and ready to go back in November 2017. Now finally the Polaroid movie is landing on Netflix and available online from February 9th, 2020.

So what do you do when you’ve finished making a movie and something associated with your film turns into a scandal? Well, apparently two years is an appropriate timeframe to distance your movie from a Weinstein scandal. Now the film’s being distributed in Austria, Germany, and Greece, but my friend has an all-region DVD player, so I sourced a copy ages-ago and had a movie night.

Firstly, Polaroid is a ready-made, color by numbers, horror film. This one is rated PG which made it less special than it could have been. It’s also in a very similar format to a few other films I’ll mention later. It’s based on a short film of the same name which you can watch from the end of the article.

Whether or not generic ideas make you want to watch this more or less is entirely up to you. Maybe you scoff at unoriginal ideas and hate repetition. You might in fact, just love an easy movie to watch at night, and this will be perfect for you. If you’ve never seen Final Destination, Selfie From Hell or The Tale of the Curious Camera, chances are this will be quite the cool first-time watch. Whatever the case, this will not show you anything new or novel in its approach.

Dimension Films

First Released in Germany, January 2019. The USA in May 2019.

Directed by Lars Klevberg and written by Blair Butler.

What is the Polaroid Movie About?

Girl finds a really cool antique camera and she and her friend take a photo with it. She happens to live in a very old, very big house… alone.

She looks at the photo and sees a silhouette in the background and freaks herself out a little.

Later, she hears a noise and calls out “who’s there?” several times, thinking perhaps it’s her friend who’s come back for no reason to roll marbles from her attic.

After her off-screen demise, we cut to a new bunch of people where the camera is picked up by the friend of a budding photographer and passed on as a gift. Immediately she takes a photo and it’s here we notice the same silhouette in the background. Uh-oh.

How Long is the Polaroid Movie?

This film from Lars Klevberg and Blair Butler runs for 1 hour and 28 minutes. It has a PG-13 rating so there is nothing too extreme included.

Keenan Tracey, Samantha Logan, Priscilla Quintana, and Tyler Young in Polaroid (2019) What is Polaroid movie?
Keenan Tracey, Samantha Logan, Priscilla Quintana, and Tyler Young in Polaroid (2019) move online.

Final Polardestination Ringu

This re-created Final Destination Ringu story has several things going for it. For one, the cast is great. It doesn’t matter if they all happen to be models in waiting. They deliver their lines nicely and hardly anything they do is annoying. Kathryn Prescott as Bird even fulfills her position as not being a total twat bringing a fresh novel approach for horror characters. She is mostly smart and seems to be a bit of nerd fixing things in a little antique shop that nobody buys anything from. Although, one scene where she nearly chokes herself with her own scarf was quite the foot in her mouth.

The writers tried to create a little bit of depth to the main cast by adding a bit of back story to some essential characters and I appreciate that. They also managed to create some twist like elements and those that hang in there to the end of this movie will like the final scenes the most.

Grace Zabriskie

Grace Zabriskie stars as mommy Sable later in the piece and those that recognize her will get a kick out of the spanners she manages to throw into the pot. Many will know her from The Grudge, Seinfeld and quite a few recognizable roles.

Some will be overly baffled when one of the Polaroid man’s victims knocks herself out on a light in her own house. Who hung that light there anyway? Whatever the case, it seems to have been hung dangerously low. I guess when you’re inside and running away from something, you need to get creative when there are no twigs to trip over.

Priscilla Quintana and Keenan Tracey in Polaroid (2019)
Priscilla Quintana and Keenan Tracey. Polaroid movie on Netflix

Know What’s Coming

The music is so familiar, I would love for someone to do a side-by-side between this and the Final Destination movies. The music is good though, it’s an appropriate fit and you always know when you’re supposed to be scared (even if you aren’t.)

Overall, I liked this film… I did. It’s made well, it has all the stuff I like in a movie I’ve seen before. I’d definitely recommend it to people who don’t really like horror but like a scary story. It’s just a shame that filmmakers with this much talent waste it on ideas that are so saturated they need to be mashed into other successful ideas in such an obvious way. At least it was better then Selfie from Hell. It’s not better than Final Destination or Ringu, but it’s a nice time filler.

What I would have loved to have seen was for this to be tied into the Final Destination series as a prequel. Don’t judge me, but I did.

Beware This Camera…Once You Take It, It Takes You

I give Polaroid

2.5 young people living alone in very large houses out of 5

2.5 stars out of 5
2.5 stars out of 5

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Polaroid Short Film Watch Here

Polaroid Movie on Netflix

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