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Christmas Horror Stories ‘Deathcember’ A 24 Episode Anthology + Release Details

Deathcember short films 2019

Christmas horror stories don’t come any newer than Deathcember. Like Into The Dark– did for with their 12 Holiday-themed movies, and led by Pollyanna MacIntosh at the helm comes DEATHCEMBER.

A collection of 24 short films that take a look at the dark side of the festive season. 28 international directors with the most diverse ideas and styles; linked by short animated segments that deal with the Advent calendar itself.

Christmas Horror Stories


This project has just finished filming production from production company Deathcember and promises cast members like Barbara Crampton who wowed with this year’s Culture Shock. Also on the setlist is Sean Bridges, Stefan Kapicic, Patrick Dewayne, AJ Bowen, Peter Stickles and more!

With episode titles like ‘Pig’, ‘A Christmas Miracle’, ‘Milk and Cookies’ and ‘Five Deaths in Blood’ you just know this one’s going to be a Christmas spectacular like we’ve never seen before.

TRAILER: The new trailer is on Facebook, take a look and leave a comment on whether it’s hot or not.

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Where Deathcember All Began

Shooting began in November back in 2018 and was funded by Kickstarter and their official Facebook page is updating news all the time on what’s going on. The Kickstarter page reads as follows:

ADVENT: Christmas is all about the kids right? Unwrapping the presents, opening the door of your calendar every day for days on end. You thought Christmas would never arrive.

The collection of horror stories will bring those precious memories right back into your life. Except for this time, it will twist them. It will turn them so far on their heads that you’ll be begging them to stop.

Or maybe you like your Christmasses so black that you begin to wonder whether you were born that way. Deathcember’s animated short films promise a scary or off-kilter horror story in every morsel.

You will be wondering what’s behind the next door and whether you even want to go on.

Ho, ho, ho. Christmas has come early. I’ll be keeping an eye out for where I can see this. Who doesn’t love some Christmas horror?

When and Where Can I See This?

Finally, some release details have come out of the Deathcember camp

The film is having a German premiere at Fantasy Filmfest, White Nights 2020

The below sessions will begin on January 11th, 2020. Check the Facebook page for specifics.

  • Hamburg
  • Munchen
  • Berlin
  • Frankfurt
  • Koln
  • Struttgart

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