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The Deeper You Dig Review Revives Your Indie Buzz

Deeper You Dig, The Poster

I heard so much chatter and buzz surrounding the release of The Deeper You Dig. The world premiere was at the Fantasia International Film Festival 2019, July 11th. Drama crime movies with horror accents first appealing. Written and directed by its two main stars John Adams and Toby Poser, this film was a great place to start.

The Deeper You Dig’s production company is Wonder Wheel Productions and boasts just four films prior to this current project but the duo of Adams and Poser write, direct and star in all of them. The film will be headed to Fright Fest in August next. The score for the film is also pretty cool and features a song written and performed by Zelda (who plays Echo) and John for her band Hellbender.

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Zelda Adams as Echo in The Deeper You Dig 2019. One of the best drama crime movies with a horror accent I;ve seen.
Zelda Adams as Echo.

The whole film gives off the homely indie feel but makes excellent use of a minimalistic approach. Generally, the narrative is dialed back in favor of some trippy images to connect you to the minds of the people the film wants you to know. The camerawork is close up and personal. At times I wanted it to pan around the setting it was in, however, it’s constraint is done willfully letting you see only what you are supposed to see. Its landscape is as cold as the events of the opening scenes.

Dig Deep

The Deeper You Dig asks a question many may have asked themselves at one time or another. “What would you do if you hit someone with your car?” On the flip side of this coin, it also asks; “how far would you go to uncover the truth?.”

It’s easy to assume the general population would own up to such a crime. However, for Kurt and one shot of whiskey too many, the bad decisions pile up quickly.

The first act gives only general clues to each of the main characters. Ivy and Echo are mother and daughter with Ivy, making money from tarot card readings. Echo wears blue lipstick and we get to know her only through the music she listens to and some art around the house. Despite this, it becomes clear, Ivy works hard. Echo is predictable enough in nature that her disappearance is reported within minutes of her mother’s return home one night.

John Adams as Kurt in The Deeper You Dig 2019. Drama crime movies with horror accents you need to see!
John Adams as Kurt

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Within Kurt’s reactions to every situation he encounters, Ivy’s prowess as a psychic takes on new power as her desperation to find her daughter becomes her only motivation in life.

The 7 Circles

(Denial, Pain, Anger, Sadness, Upward turn,
Reconstruction, and Acceptance)

"The 7 circles be the domain of the wandering dead and only the dead. 
Their currency be truth... but they traffic in trickery for those whom death is not due. 
If the string be cut, the lost shall sleepeth in the cradle of dark. 
If the string be hoisted back into the light, the lost shall be refound at the price of the string."

Overall The Deeper You Dig’s faults lie in its overuse of imagery. Its initial simplicity is overshadowed by some heavy-handed scenes to outline Ivy’s connections with the outer realms. It really slows the movie down right as you begin to enjoy Kurt’s torment.

As a character-driven storyline showing the power of paternal love, it’s a success. The opening act is hard to forget and the film finished off with a great finale to boot.

I give The Deeper You Dig

3 alls well that ends well out of 5

3 stars out of 5
3 Skulls out of 5
Zelda Adams as Echo in The Deeper You Dig 2019
Zelda Adams as Echo

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