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Psychokinesis Review and How to Practice It

Psychokinesis 2018

One of the best South Korean movies I ever watched was Train to Busan. I loved it. So when I heard about Psychokinesis directed by the Sang-ho Yeon I was super hyped. In hindsight, that’s a lot of pressure on Yeon from me.

Yeon’s previous films are not of the same ilk. He previously made animation cartoons. It wasn’t until Seoul Station that he went all horror and wrote a story that combined Korean sentiment with zombies and action. Then he hit my radar. If you’re not familiar with Seoul Station, it’s the prequel to Train to Busan and is an animated short.  Both released in 2016 and Train to Busan hit Netflix after being a huge success in South Korea.

Riding on the tail of this massive success is the release of Psychokinesis. Was it all and more of what we have waited for from Yeon?

Best South Korean movies 
 - Psychokinesis 2018
Seok-Hyeon plays dad. #reviews #Psychokinesis2018

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Best South Korean movies Psychokinesis2018
You’ve got to admit they are really good with action shots.

What’s Psychokinesis About?

Water springs will never look the same again after this movie. Being a security guard is one thing, but being a security guard with supernatural talents is another. Seok Heon is a good dad, but can he save his daughter from an evil corporation now that he can fly?

Psychokinesis 2018
One of my favorite scenes from the film.

Quick Film Facts

Original Title: Yeom-lyeok (original title) a.k.a Psychokinesis.
Release Details: First released in January 2018, it’s featuring on Netflix worldwide.

Best South Korean movies Psychokinesis 2018.
Flinging some bad guys.

Hit the Ground

One thing that makes me smile while watching a foreign film is language translation. The subtitles are sometimes hilarious. Not that everyone in the world swears when things come hurtling towards them or sends them flying. But it’s a consistent thing that seems part and parcel of many films that come out of Korea. They say things like “goodness!” “Oh my gosh,” and it somewhat dials down the impact. Some of the movies I have seen make me think Koreans are an awfully polite society. Even when getting their face kicked in.

This movie has an actual swear word in it. The F-bomb no less. In fact, there are one or two moments where the swear is in English as well. If you want to know which scene I’m talking about, leave me a comment and I’ll point it out.

This movie did not give me the time of my life that Train to Busan gave me. I actually think promotional influences weren’t able to excite me, as much as I excited myself. The thing is, even without comparing the two films, this one just overdosed a little on the sentiment between dad and daughter and their relationship and didn’t give enough of the superhero to me. It’s one of the coolest powers.

While it amply amps up in the second half, not nearly enough time spent with him doing cool things with it while practicing.

I did enjoy the banter in this a bit. Seung-ryong Ryu, the dad, played by Seok-Hyeon is for want of a better word, adorable. Just like any dad trying to insert himself into a child’s life after some time apart. His aspiration of being a magician showing her he could make a tie dance was pretty funny. 
Actually, there were many scenes with great humor inflections I can think of looking back.

Best South Korean Movies

Psychokinesis is not the best South Korean movie to come out of world cinema. What is totally clear is that while this movie didn’t blow my socks off, it was enjoyable. It did drag a little in places, it certainly wasn’t bad. The best thing is, that these types of movies keep hitting Netflix. I think as they become more well-known, and get more fans for this type of film, it can only be a good thing.

Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

I give Psychokinesis 

snake ties dancing out of 5.

3 stars out of 5
3 Skulls out of 5

Ever Wanted to Try Psychokinesis?

Whether or not you believe in this type of thing, there are millions of videos and manuals on the internet. I found a really simple one from a headless man, that anyone can do. See the short video below. If you find that you have superpowers, let me know.


1. Become one with your object. Paper is good to start with because it’s lightweight. You might want to talk to the paper, smile at it, balance it, flick it and appreciate it.
2. Meditate. Clear your mind and think only of your chosen object.
3. Practice pushing with your mind. Do this by inhaling as far as possible then as you exhale, concentrating on pushing the object.
4. Practice pulling with your mind by inhaling. When you are comfortable. Inhale a little more while thinking about moving your object towards you.
If all else fails,  try this… I’m sure it works just as well.